Monday, January 7, 2008

Why I am Migrating from OCMB to My Own Blog - Part One

Scientology is a complex and secretive psycho-criminal Cult whose goal is twofold:

First, the Cult seeks nothing less than world domination by use of its psycho-criminal mind control techniques, which techniques are divided into an arrangement called The Bridge to Total Freedom. There are also other techniques that are not included on "the Bridge" and include the "L's", a series of "rundowns that can cost more than $100,000 each. L. Ron Hubbard's writings even call for a genocide against 2.5% of the global population that he deemed to be the source of the world's troubles. LRH, as he is called in Scientology, wanted these people to be, "destroyed quietly and without sorrow."

Second, Scientology's goal is to use its subtle, systematic, and increasingly powerful mind-control techniques on its members over time in order to control them while simultaneously stripping them of as much money as possible. If a Scientologist runs out of money, they can elect to work 80+ hours per week for about $50.00 USD as a member of Sea Org or Staff. These jobs come with no health care benefits provided by Scientology, nor do they include pension contributions, or any of the other benefits we normally associate with a job -- including even a guaranteed minimum wage. That is correct: Scientology does not pay the vast majority of its workers the minimum wage. The Cult justifies this by arguing that its members have taken a vow of poverty like other religious workers. Yet how can any person afford to live on $50.00 per week in the Western World?

The primary goals of Scientology lead us to ask these questions:

Where did Scientology's powerful mind-control techniques originate? Did L. Ron Hubbard invent them as he claimed? Or are they based in techniques that are far more ancient and evil?

How can good and decent people be programmed and changed so quickly by Scientology? Do such people cooperate both knowingly and unknowingly with the Scientology processes that work to deconstruct their force of will and personality?

In order to answer these questions as a critic, I found it necessary to delve heavily into the realm of the occult and of Black Magick, for it has been clear to me for a very long time that L. Ron Hubbard was Satanic. I use the word "Satanic" advisedly with respect to L. Ron Hubbard. I use the word to refer to the Cult's deliberate use of powerful psycho-spiritual and technological forces to control others. To be Satanic is to work against the life and freedom of others without their knowledge. Such a work can be called an Opus Con Naturum, or a Work Against Nature. How might Scientology's "Work Against Nature" express itself in human terms? Let us consider the case of two Scientologists who attempted to "handle" Scientology critic Mark Bunker when he sought to enter a Scientology Street Fair on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles. The Street Fair was supposedly open to the public:

Scientology works against human nature by "processing" people via Satanic psycho-electronic
techniques. We saw this in Tommy Davis' behavior in the BBC video, and we see the same behavior in the video above. Do Tommy Davis and the two fellows above represent spiritual enlightenment or do they have something to hide and defend? Scientology demands its right to l Free Speech so that it can call for the global destruction of psychiatry and psychiatrists, but let a journalist investigate Scientology and they are attacked and accused of being child molesters or murderers.

When I posted on such topics as the Occult, Black Magick, and Satanism at OCMB, I would often be attacked by Scientology operatives. These operatives work to distract from data that is damaging to Scientology and to dilute any post that has high value in exposing, say, the Black Magick origins of L. Ron Hubbard. Therefore, in order to fully explore the Satanic psycho-mechanics of Scientology, I realized that I needed to migrate from OCMB and begin my own blog where I would be unimpeded by Scientology trolls.

I was also "out gradient" at OCMB at times because the board exists to help people who want to depart Scientology. These people have been run through the Satanic MindFuck of Scientology, they have been exposed to what I call the "Electronic Opium" delivered by the E-Meter. This flow of electrons delivered by the E-Meter transits through a person's brain when they are in a Scientology auditing session. As a former Scientologist, I have experienced the highs and lows of Scientology auditing from euphoria to extreme disassociation. My auditing-induced euphoria would cause my mood to severely crash and I would become depressed and scared. I would feel the need to race back to the Org and get more auditing. The problem is that Scientology auditing is expensive. If one chooses the processing route, Scientology auditing is time consuming. The Scientology experience changes over time for each person. While some people appear to stabilize, other people become psychologically and financially damaged. They feel the control elements of Scientology and the constant demand for money drains their bank accounts, maxes out their credit cards, and causes them extreme distress.

Such people need compassion and healing. The many former Scientologists at OCMB are available to help these people when they are in crisis. Indeed, a person who has been "on course" in Scientology for any length of time cannot simply walk. People who want to leave Scientology typically do so due to an inner or outer crisis that has been precipitated by Scientology. OCMB acts like an underground railroad and has many ways to help people "blow" from Scientology. Conversely, Scientology may elect to assert this potentially deadly contract against any Scientologist who wants to leave. All Scientologists are required to sign this document. This is an older version:

The newer version is said to be even more frightening.

For the reasons I have described above, it became apparent to me that I should migrate from Scientology and focus on my particular work on a blog that is allied with OCMB. For instance, my post "Does Scientology Lead to Demonic Possession?" is an interesting metaphysical examination of a honest metaphysical question. The post is here:

If you read the entire thread, you will see how Scientologists worked to distract, dilute, and degrade the value of the post. Furthermore, someone who wants to leave Scientology and is in a great deal of psychological distress, may find my questions to be too disturbing. Of course, others may find that it confirms their suspicions about what might come down the road if they continue to systematically deconstruct their essential self by use of the powerful occultic and psycho-electronic processes of Scientology. While I will leave all of my extant work posted at OCMB, I will repost the best of that work here along with all of my new work.



Gumbythetruth said...

Great job there Mr.Swift!

moontaco said...

I think this is a good move, not only for the reasons you cited but also because blogs can reach a broader audience than OCMB (and will turn up if someone Googles what you're talking about). Glad to know you'll still have a place to be heard.

Another Surfer said...

Hi J. Swift,

Great to see you have started a blog!

I will be visiting frequently.


Another Surfer

rosemary said...

Mr. Swift,
Extraordinarily freaky stuff!
Haven't read all of it yet,will return.Need time to digest.
You have given me a brain wave Mr. Swift.A Brainwave.

Anonymous said...

The material you have presented here is what I consider to be THE MOST fascinating angle on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard that I have ever read. What's more, I think it is also disturbingly correct.

I arrived at very similar ideas about Scientology and possession--but not as a member or ex-member of the cult--rather through my research into the subject of the CIA's MK-ULTRA Project, and L. Ron Hubbard's associations with the intelligence community.

It should also be noted that although I am not at all a religious person, I do think that your use of the word "satanic" IS appropriate, unfortunately; certainly L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. thought it was.

Your work here interests me very much, Mr. Swift.

Tyler Durden said...

Swift; As someone who has lurked for YEARS on OCMB, I am very happy I have once again found your witty, humorous, well-researched and DEAD-ON postings once again. Keep up the good work and the good fight.

Tyler Durden said...


As a lurker on OCMB for several years, I have always enjoyed your posts and found them very informative. Happy to have found your blog here and will assuredly visit often. Keep up the good work, your entries are always informative, witty, well-researched and DEAD-ON.