Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Scientology High Strangeness Warning in Effect Through March 20, 2008

I am formally issuing a Scientology High Strangeness Alert to the public. This alert is effective immediately and will continue until March 20, 2008. I have issued Scientology High Strangeness Alerts in the past during periods when the radars of the Scientology Critics Network have detected sufficient actions on the part of Scientology to indicate possible danger to Scientology's critics and our supporters.

Old Guard radars have detected what appears to be the beginnings of Scientology's Fair Game attacks against both Anonymous and the Old Guard Network. For security reasons, we cannot present details here. What we can say is that Scientology has regrouped and appears to be taking many small actions against individuals as opposed to one large action. These attacks would logically be taken as reprisals against Anonymous and Feb 10.

Our Estimate of the Situation is that OSA will strike at known OGN and Anonymous targets in hopes of instilling sufficient fear in Anonymous to stop the March 15 protests. We have reasons to believe that OSA has been assigned the task of stopping the March 15 protests.

This will not happen.

The OGN will go to the FBI, Interpol, the local police, the media, and most powerfully to the internet. We will document all Fair Game attacks and seek to have Scientologists and/or their Private Investigators arrested for stalking, eavesdropping, phishing, making terrorist threats, etc.

This is the OGN's Warning to OSA: We are now more powerful than ever and have as our proud allies Anonymous. The OGN has more journalists and mainstream media than ever contacting us looking for current stories about Scientology, its celebrities, and its leader David Miscavige. The OGN 's War Chest is rich with the Weapons of Truth: Time, Place, and Form of Event. Our websites are richly laden with documents, court records, and photos related to Scientology. The world is watching events play out.

OSA: Cease your attacks at once.

L. Ron Hubbard's strategy was specific in using terror against individuals to control larger groups. In his infamous Manual of Justice, LRH ordered the use of terror tactics against his own followers in Scientology who disobeyed his orders. Here is Hubbard's policy on handling his enemies:

"Use civil authorities when absolutely necessary, as in embezzlement or mayhem, but try to operate without calling in local law. We always do better ourselves or with private detectives... there are times when it's vitally necessary to put some head, any head, on a pike to quell rising disorder."


We expect that DM and OSA want to put some critics' heads on pikes to "quell rising disorder." Watch yourselves out there.

Beware of the following:

1. Phone calls from strangers claiming that they are following up on a service request of some type that you made. This is phishing and I remind OSA that phishing is a felony. I urge people to set their phones so that they can record their phone calls if a strange call is received. Stay legal and ask the caller's permission to record your conversation with them. If they have a legitimate reason to be calling you, then they will agree to be recorded. If they object or hang up, guess who may have just called? Here are some links on recording phone calls:

2. Automobiles parked in front of, or near, your residence. Photograph the vehicle and get the license plates front and back if possible. Note the color, model, and year of the car if possible. Try to get a description of the occupants. For example, two male whites, approx 30 years of age wearing wraparound sunglasses. Do not approach the vehicle. Let the police do that. Do not play hero with suspicious people in strange cars.

If there is no emergency, call the police on a non-emergency line and tell them you want to report a suspicious vehicle outside of your home that does not belong in your neighborhood. Tell the police that you have reason to believe that the car contains Scientology private investigators who may be armed and that you have reasons to be afraid as you are a Scientology critic. This information will be recorded and will be used at any criminal trial if the police are able to arrest the PI's.

Give the police the exact location of the car. If you do not know the compass direction of your street and the nearest major cross streets get that information in advance. When calling the police, be brief and specific:

"There is a suspicious late model red Dodge Ram pickup truck with tinted windows van parked across the street. The truck has a four-door crew cab and a black plastic bed liner. There are two white males in the truck. They are wearing baseball caps and dark sunglasses. The driver has a mustache and chin beard and is talking on a handheld radio. They have cameras and are taking pictures of my home and neighborhood. I have reason to believe that they may be private investigators working for the Church of Scientology who are trying to intimidate me because I am a critic of Scientology. I fear that these men may be armed and dangerous. My address is 123 Walnut Street. I live on the east side of Walnut and the truck is parked on the west side of Walnut. The nearest main cross streets to my home are Main Street and Brand Boulevard. Please send a car as soon as possible."

The dispatcher will normally ask you to remain on the line until the police arrive. If the vehicle drives away right after your phone call, it may be that the PI's are using a scanner to illegally intercept and listen to police frequencies. Tell the dispatcher that the vehicle suddenly left at a high rate of speed heading, for example, westbound down main towards Main Street.

The goal here is to get the Scientology PI's pulled over and searched by the police. If the police find illegal scanners, guns, fake badges, fake police ID cards, fake city or county business cards, or multiple drivers licenses for different states, or fake license plates as some PI's tend to use, there will be an immediate arrest of the PI's. In such as case, a DA could decide to plea bargain with the arrested PI's in exchange for their cooperation on Scientology's hostile violation of your privacy and its intimidation of you and your family. In this scenario, you can hire an attorney and seek to sue CoS on several causes of action. The authorities could also criminally charge the Church.