Monday, January 7, 2008

Scientology and "Body Routing"

L.Ron Hubbard gave clear instructions on "body routing" people into Scientology Orgs:

"When the prospect comes in, see him or her at once (no waiting). Be courteous, friendly, businesslike. Rise when they enter and leave. Call Reception to show them out if they stay too long. Be willing to take their money. Always prefer cash to notes. We are not a credit company. Always see the student or the 'pre-clear' before they leave the place after service. You can often sell more training or processing. It is a maxim that unless you have bodies you have no income. So on any pretext get bodies in the place, and provide ingress to the Registrar when they're there."

I think it no accident that Hubbard used the term "body routing" for Scientology appears to be ultimately, and secretly, all about routing bodies into Orgs and then routing Scientologists out of their bodies. The goal of being a Scientology OT such as Tom Cruise to live "stably exterior with full perceptics." This means that an OT is supposed to "operate" their body while they are outside their body. Esoterically, such a state would allow for hostile entities to combat the OT for control and possession of the body. This is why I am exploring in the question, "Can Scientology Lead to Demonic Possession?"


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