Friday, April 18, 2008

We Have Entered the Edge of the Karmic Vortex

On 30 March, 2008, I posted a thread entitled at entitled:

We Have Entered the Edge of the Debris Field: Subject description: Evidence of the Collapse-in-Progress of the Scientology Master Race Cult

I said in my opening paragraph:

"The human and technological wreckage of a collapsing Scientology is beginning to emerge in a very striking and real way. The evidence that we have entered the edge of the debris field is undeniable. The evidence of collapse is strewn across the internet landscape, in the media, and in Scientology itself. This is the real thing, for we see real people, the actual leaks, the technological debris, and the hard, factual evidence of a collapse in progress. Consider the evidence that we have entered the edge of the debris field of a collapsing Scientology...."


Based upon the hyper-acceleration of events in the past week, I now consider that we have left the Debris Field and have entered The Edge of the Karmic Vortex that is dismantling Scientology. Whereas we we had been lagging behind the Vortex and could only see the wreckage it had left behind, my spiritual sense is that we have now Crossed over the Cusp and have entered the Vortex itself. We will now begin to see and witness the structure of reality itself changing as it concerns Scientology. This is important to realize as events surrounding Scientology become increasingly surreal. We are now entering the Dark Land of Scientology. The Vortex has ripped away the outer protective layers of its Deceptive Atmosphere and we will now begin to see the Strange Affairs at the Center of the Matter.

My sense is that the Karmic Vortex had been operating in another dimension and had been manifesting signs of its existence in the Debris Field of Scientology. My sense is that the Vortex has now entered our dimension and that we will see amplified and dramatic evidence of its presence with respect to Scientology. In many cases, each of us will be affected to some degree because we have family or friends who are still in Scientology and they will call out for our help. They will do so in ways that we may not understand because they will be made mute by the Management of Scientology. We will all need to listen carefully in the time ahead and learn to read the signs of people in distress, of people who starve themselves or shorn their hair in a symbolic cry of distress.

The Management of Scientology does not understand what is happening and has never understood because they are Spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind. Scientology attacks and does not defend. Yet, Scientology's attacks are becoming increasingly futile as it lashes out at a world that has expanded far beyond the Cult's effective range of attack. The internet is always out of range of attack. Freedom of Speech is always, ultimately, out of the range of attack. And yet, Scientology continues to expend its Treasury attacking the Fierce Wind that howls and screams around it.

Scientology's PR Chief Tommy Davis:
The Face of Scientology's Futile Attacks on Freedom of Speech

Scientology points 1,000's of cameras at Free People as if these cameras were religious totems that had the power to scare Free People away. All that those cameras can do is to take pictures of Free People. Scientology has stared in trauma at these 100,000's, or millions, of pictures of Free People and so has become at the effect of Free People. These endless pictures of Free People have formed into Scientology's own chains of mental image pictures and so become Scientology's engrams. In response, Scientology has hired more Wog security to protect itself from its own mental image pictures of Wogs.

Wogs -- the very people that Scientology was supposed to salvage -- are now protecting and defending Scientology! How can anyone claim to be a Scientologist anymore when the money goes to pay for Wog protection and Security? Is Scientology secretly paying Wogs to protect itself from knowing the Truth about itself? How did Wog PI's and Attorneys become the last line of defense for Scientology? What happened?

Scientology is transiting Terra Incognito inside of a Vast Whirlwind that it created and summoned by its own Evil Deeds.

Scientology is undergoing Divine Judgment. The Cult is being pulled apart in a series of hyper-accelerating events that are happening faster than anyone can predict or control. The Karmic Vortex has a Life of its own. We have all been called to be Witnesses to this historic Judgment that is part of an even greater Shift in the World Energy that is happening.

As Witnesses, we must continue to Tell the Truth and to watch, observe, and take care to record events as they happen around us.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Brasilian Psychiatrist Dr. Juan Gabriel Interviews J. Swift


e Q&A?

Si, Argumendo.

e Q&A con J. Swift.

ContinĂșe entonces.

Q: Senor Swift, could David Miscavige be using Anonymous as a cover to settle a lot of scores?

A: Conceivably, yes.

Q: Why do you say this?

A: Because the public face of Scientology has become that of Private Investigators -- and there are likely 200+ PI's working across the USA and Europe. Arnie Lerma has said that CoS brought in 100 PI's into Washington DC.

Scientology Security Operatives on April 12, 2008
in front of the HGB, Hollywood
photo source: kone_anon as posted at

Add in high price law firms like Latham & Watkins to Scientology's response to its "Anonymous Crisis" and the Cult has a great deal of investigatory manpower at its disposal.
I find it hard to believe that all of these paid thugs and sleazy attorneys are being used only to investigate Anonymous. It makes more sense to me that David Miscavige would also use all of this expensive investigatory power to spy on Scientologists, Scientology's enemies in the media, as well as Anons. I could be wrong, but c'mon! That is a lot of money to spend on teenagers on the internet and peaceful street protests. I see a larger dimension to it because I view DM as being paranoid and comprehensive in his need for total revenge in the same way that LRH was. So yes, maybe DM is doing a housecleaning of Scientology coincident to, and under the cover of, investigating Anonymous.

Latham & Watkins LLP: Providing the Master Race Cult of Scientology
with the Finest in Legal Representation

Q: What does your source Radio Silence Broken say?
A: That person is not presently available as a source.

Q: Do you think OSA got him?

A: Not at all. RSB is just prudently offline for awhile.

Q: Do David Miscavige and Scientology CoS have scores to settle?
A: What do you think?

Q: Tom Cruise's career?
A: That was a long fall.

Q: What else?
A: The BBC Handling was a huge PR disaster for Scientology.

Q: Is the fight between "Mr. Moviemaker" and "Mr. Moviestar" a subtext to Anonymous?

A: I don't see it as a subtext at all, but Anonymous is a great PR distraction for both parties in that fight.

Q: Tom talked to Sumner Redstone...
A: And Mr. Moviemaker would have read about it...

Q: Let's change topics with that one.
A: Let's.

Q: I agree that Anonymous could serve David Miscavige as a great distraction to take drastic measures, but doesn't he already have dictatorial powers?
A: Sure, DM exercises dictatorial powers over Scientology, but fear sells. He can reg the hell out of Scientologists over Anonymous.

Q: Sort of shaking the cookie jar real hard one last time?

A: Well that's just it: Scientology has always claimed that the world and Scientology are on the edge of disaster. What is any different this time except Anonymous?

Q: But this time might Scientology really be collapsing?

A: I think that Scientology has collapsed on the PR front and will never recover. I think that Scientology's expansion has stopped completely and that the Cult has become culturally irrelevant. Scientology now faces utter stagnation at best and criminal prosecution at worst if the Brussels raid yields any evidence. Look, there is no more TR O forever. Scientology blinked and flunked. Culture won. Culture stared down Scientology and saw it for what it really is. Scientology is not funny anymore. The public has awakened and realized that Scientology really is a dangerous Cult that needs to be stopped.

Q: What do you make of the recent police raid on Scientology's Brussels Org?

A: That could be huge depending upon what the police find in the hard drives and the files. Of course, the police may find nothing and it will be a simple complaint about a misleading newspaper ad. Still, for the police to make such a major raid: One has to think that there is more to it than a misleading newspaper ad.

Q: Sort of like Scientology being raided by the FBI in 1978 for using government copier paper?
A. Yeah, maybe something like that. We will all have to wait and see.

Q: Going back to Scientology settling scores, wouldn't Scientology face a PR disaster if it settled scores in a big way?
A: Do you think David Miscavige cares anymore what Culture thinks?

Q: Is Scientology still that strong?

A: I don't think so, but it could settle some scores as it...

Q: What? Collapses?

A: Yes.

Q: So short term, what is your prediction?
A: Look at the short time since Anonymous went active in Jan 2008.

Q: Yes?

A: It has "Attorneys" and "PI's" written all over it. Attorneys and Private Investigators are generally used to settle scores. I would expect DM to be pounding on his desk demanding a Valuable Final Product for all of the big fat checks he is signing to pay these people. I would expect DM to want some revenge for all of that IAS cash that is being spent on PI's and lawyers instead of real estate.

Q: How the hell did it ever get this far?
A: IMO, DM's strategic thinking completely misread Western Culture and its opposition to Psychiatry. Ironically, CCHR's work to place warning labels on psychiatric medications will only serve to make prescribing these drugs much safer. Imagine it: All of the money that Scientology has spent to destroy Psychiatry has resulted in more oversight on psychiatric medications and has therefore improved patient safety. People who use doctor-prescribed psychiatric medications can thank Scientology for being a watchdog group. Unfortunately for Scientology, Psychiatry will only improve and become better and more effective because it is based on Science whereas Scientology is collapsing because its leaders are arguably insane.

Q: Scientology's leaders need psychiatric medications?
A: I am not a doctor and did not say that. However, LRH did die while medicated on the psychiatric tranquilizer Vistaril. It is all so ironic.

Q: Enough Q&A for Part I, si?

A: Si.

Q: One more question off-topic.

A: Yes.

Q: Your favorite song of all time?

A: That is a hard question. Tonight, I will say Martine Girault singing Revival This is hard to find on the internet. Here is a YouTube link that is not a good copy. If a reader finds a better copy online, please post it here for me. I would be indebted. BTW, watch Martine Girault dance as she sings; she is so beautiful when she moves.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

See You on April 12th! Hollywood in front of Big Blue: Caek!

The public face of Scientology has become hired thugs and police officers protecting the collapsing Cult of L. Ron Hubbard.

Let's be real: The hired thugs are protecting the real estate, because Scientologists are expendable. Soon, after the collapse, RTC will sell or lease all of that property and it needs to be in good shape. That is why David Miscavige is spending a fortune to protect his real estate.

Scientologists are the most expendable people in the world as judged by the rate at which Scientology burns through its own members. Scientologists are the "throwaway people" who get tossed after they have no more money or labor to give. That "prime life band" of 15-45 years of age is what Scientology wants for Sea Org membership. People over 45, or who develop health problems, suddenly become PTS in Sea Org and get fitness-boarded out, declared, or otherwise offloaded. Publics with money can stay in as long as they have money and the will to keep believing that there actually is some supernatural power that can be purchased for money.

How stupid is that? Money cannot purchase wisdom or supernatural power. The Truth is Free and it is your present condition if you will but awaken.

The con goes on so long as the victim keeps believing. It is effortless for the con man. All he needs to do is to keep painting pretty pictures and keep Nirvana just barely out of reach. Nirvana in Scientology is always just one more course or action away. Just another $5,000 or $25,000 away, just a few repairs, just an ethics cycle away. The game goes on until the victim stops believing. By then, the damage has been done and why the con man moves on to the next victim.

That is why Scientology's critics will be out in force on Saturday, April 12th, 2oo8 in front of Scientology Orgs worldwide. We want the violent mind control fraud known as Scientology to end.

I will see ya' in Hollywood to those who will be there. Best of wishes to my fellow critics in the other cities!