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Secret One: Scientology is a Master Race Ideology -- Part One

In June of 1965, L. Ron Hubbard took the bizarre step of declaring Scientologists to be a new and distinct race that was separate from, and superior to Homo Sapien, the race into which he himself was born and belonged. This spurious and hateful distinction allowed Hubbard to inject the diabolical element of a Master Race ideology into the minds of all Scientologists:

"HOMO NOVIS, 1. Homo man, novis, new. (BCR, p. 12) 2. a theta-animated mest body possessed of new and desirable attributes; a mest clear, a good, sane rational mest being about a skyscraper higher than Homo sapiens. (HOM, p. 40) 3. the Second Stage Release is definitely Homo novis. The person ceases to respond like Homo sapiens and has fantastic capability to learn and act." (HCOB 28 Jun 65)
-- L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

Re: Homo Scientologicus: "Man had to cease to be Homo Sapiens and had to become Homo Scientologicus in order to accomplish any action that was anywhere near efficient in South Africa."
-- L. Ron Hubbard, PAB 119 1 September 1957 The Big Auditing Problem

Any non-Scientologist is a "wog," someone who "isn't even trying."
-- L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary


Having declared non-Scientologists to be racially inferior to Scientologists allowed Hubbard to dehumanize them in the minds of his followers. Having dehumanized non-Scientologists as a racially inferior, it was an easy next step for Hubbard to declare that Scientologists could harm any members of this inferior race should they dare attack Scientology and the superior race of Homo Scientologicus. Hubbard stated in writing that the members of the inferior race were to be treated like game animals during hunting season, for Hubbard declared them to be Fair Game.

The Infamous Scientology Doctrine of Fair Game

Scientology's now infamous "doctrine" of Fair Game has been discussed extensively on the internet and in the media. However, one cannot fully understand Scientology's doctrine of Fair Game unless they first understand the larger context of Scientology as a Master Race ideology. Fair Game only makes sense if one realizes that Scientologist believe themselves to be members of a Master Race who are entitled to attack and destroy inferior members of the human race who get in Scientology's way as it seeks world domination.

L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology's doctrine of Fair Game in 1967. As we will see, Fair Game was Hubbard's response to the growing international awareness of, and opposition to, Scientology's criminal behavior. As we have seen in the quotes above, Hubbard absolutely believed that Scientologists had transcended the state of homo sapien and become had distinct new race. As such, Homo Scientologicus needed to discipline the inferior human race and was entitled to do so by virtue of its innate superiority and lofty self-declared goal to:

Salvage the Planet

As a Master Race, Scientology's goal has always been to salvage the planet Earth from the state of ruin it is in, which state is caused by humans. In order to salvage the planet then, it thus became necessary for L. Ron Hubbard to create and sanction Fair Game as an indispensable tool of planetary clearing.

Below is a copy of the actual LRH Policy Letter (HCOPL) that created and sanctioned Fair Game towards all those whom Scientology deemed to be enemies:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967,
Issue IV

(Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)

LIABILITY Suspension of pay and a dirty
grey rag on left arm and day
and night confinement to
org premises.

TREASON Suspension of pay and
deprivation of all uniforms
and insignia,a black mark
on left cheek and confinement
on org premises or dismissal
from post and debarment
from premises.

DOUBT Debarment from premises.
Not to be employed.
Payment of fine amounting
to any sum may have cost
org. Not to be trained
or processed.Not to be
communicated or
argue with.

ENEMY SP Order. Fair game.
May be deprived of property
or injured by
any means
by any Scientologist without
any discipline of the

Scientologist. May be
tricked, sued or
lied to or destroyed.

Copyright (c) 1967
by L. Ron Hubbard


Astonishingly, Scientology attorneys have in the past attempted to defend Fair Game as a legal religious doctrine during legal proceedings. The Church has also claimed that LRH canceled his Fair Game policy. This is yet another Scientology half-truth. What LRH canceled was the use of the term "Fair Game" in any Scientology communications as it the doctrine had created immensely horrible PR for the Church. As shown by the pattern of Scientology's unending and vicious attacks on its critics -- including Scientology's 2007 public attack on the BBC's John Sweeney -- Fair Game still remains a core Scientology doctrine and practice. The biblical doctrine of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" calls for the punishment to fit the crime. Fair Game exponentially exceeds this standard by calling for Scientology's enemies to be tricked, sued, lied to, or destroyed for "high crimes" such as exercising one's freedom of speech to publicly criticize Scientology.

Scientology Dictator David Miscavige has never publicly and unequivocally canceled the practice of Fair Game, this despite the fact that he has held absolute power over Scientology for twenty year. Indeed, Scientology General Counsel Eliot Abelson made it abundantly clear on January 8, 2008 that David Miscavige is the sole person in charge of Scientology:

"The only person who runs the Church and makes policy decisions is David Miscavige."

ref: Tapper, James. "Diana author names Tom Cruise as 'World Number Two in Scientology': World Exclusive: Contents of Andrew Morton's biography of Cruise revealed ... and the star's fury over shocking claims", Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers Ltd, January 7, 2008.


International Investigations of Scientology

In the 1960's, the governments of England, America, Greece, and other countries saw the dangers of Scientology and conducted a series of investigations. Such investigations continue to this present day as Belgium prepares to put the Church of Scientology and twelve of its members on trial for various crimes.

The various 1960's investigations into Scientology brought a great deal of negative attention to bear on the Church. That members of an inferior race would dare attack the master race of Homo Scientologicus and its "Supreme Rulah" infuriated L. Ron Hubbard. Accordingly, on 16 Feb 1969, L. Ron Hubbard, realizing that he could not defeat the world in one decisive battle and bring it under a Scientology dictatorship, declared a war of attrition against the world.

We next consider Hubbard's "BATTLE PLAN" against the world thirty-six years after he issued this declaration of war. I will present the BATTLE PLAN in sections with commentary. The bolded sections are my emphases:


HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 FEBRUARY 1969 ISSUE II REISSUED 24 SEPTEMBER 1987 (Reissued with updated distribution.) Limited Distribution: IMEC OSA NW LRH PRs Confidential BATTLE TACTICS (This is a defense paper on material developed after 18 years of ceaseless attack by a foreign enemy. Nothing in this paper advocates physical violence or invites the physical destruction of persons.)...

We see above that Hubbard opened his Battle Plan by stating that, "nothing in this paper advocates physical violence or invites the physical destruction of persons." However, while not advocating violence or murder, Hubbard does not explicitly condemn or forbid physical violence or murder. This is a cogent point to consider because Hubbard had decreed Fair Game in 1967 and Fair Game allowed Scientologists to injure and destroy Scientology's enemies. Therefore, Fair Game was incorporated by reference into Hubbard's Battle Plan because his policy letters were the law in Scientology.

Hubbard continues with his Battle Plan:

In these days of "cold war" when actual warfare is impossible due to atomic weapons, the warfare is waged in the press and public in the form of ideas. If you uniformly apply the tactics and strategy of battle to the rows we get into, press or legal or public confrontation, you will win. The enemy uses " groups" and meetings of groups like one would use squads. If we and they are considered as two hostile and opposing nations at war, then a huge array of tactics and strategy become visible...

In the above section of the Battle Plan, we see that Hubbard considered Scientology to be a sovereign nation, a law unto itself, that is at war against the nations of the inferior peoples, i.e. Homo Sapien. It is clear that Hubbard understood Scientology to be in a state of war against the world. It is abundantly clear by his actions that his successor David Miscavige has continued Scientology's Master Race War against humanity. Specifically, David Miscavige has never renounced Scientology's Master Race ideology. In this undated picture we see David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, and the elite members of Scientology's paramilitary Sea Org, posing in dress similar to that worn by officers of the US Navy:

Hubbard continues:


One parallels in the field of thought what is used and done in the field of battle in other ages.

You don't have to know too much about the tactics and strategy of warfare to apply this but it helps.

The end product of war, according to Clausewitz, the authority on it, is (condensed) "to bring about a more amenable frame of mind on the part of the enemy."

But there are also wars of attrition. We are engaged in one where total destruction of us has been the enemy's aim for, at this writing, 19 years. This is barbarian warfare, thus the enemy must have had very positive fears and terrors about us. Since he fought for total attrition. In this case it is not safe to hope for any half-way win. We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and
obliterate him.

It is bad warfare to fight battles on your own terrain, in your own subject area. It is not good to fight in the territory of allies. Fight battles wherever possible only on enemy terrain, in and about his subject and his people, not ours. You can gauge your relative success by this. When
all your battles are fought on his terrain, you are winning.

A good general expends the maximum of enemy troops and the minimum of his own. He makes the war costly to the enemy, not to himself.


In the section above, Hubbard calls for a war of attrition in which Scientology will, over time, wear down the forces of the inferior race of Homo Sapien. Hubbard also calls a minimum expenditure of Scientology's resources to do so. If we consider Scientology's conduct of war since 1967 when Hubbard announced Fair Game, we can see that Scientology has relied upon the Economy of Terrorism. In the tactics of terrorism, only one individual need be singled out for a psychologically devastating public attack in order to silence the masses. This is economical and does not require an army.

Hubbard's policy, and one followed by his successor David Miscavige, is to Fair Game individual critics by using intimidation, harassment, and financially ruinous lawsuits. In the calculus of its terrorism, Scientology wants the victim to scream loudly in agony while others look on and shudder and decide not to attack Scientology. Given that Scientology had hundreds of millions of dollars, it could afford to quietly pay off the people it had ruined. The victims would get enough money from Scientology in a legal settlement to start a new life and would, in return, agree to never speak of the settlement or of Scientology in public or private. Once the critic silently disappeared from the public scene, the perception that remained was that Scientology could destroy people with impunity.

Scientology Fair Games former members who seek to tell the truth about Scientology as well as journalists who seek to report on the abuses and excesses of Scientology. The cult does this because it wants to publicize itself as an organization that can take vengeance upon any member of the inferior race who dares to criticize it publicly.

However, much of this has changed due to the enormous cultural repudiation and ridicule of Scientology that erupted in 2005. There is strength in numbers and Western Culture decided in 2005 to act in unity and repudiate Scientology for its polices of Fair Game and its excessive litigation. Scientology cannot sue the entire world and it cannot destroy the internet where we can tell the truth about Scientology.

The Church also proved powerless to stop the massive satire and comedy directed against it and its leading warrior, Tom Cruise. Comedians such as Dane Cook and Andy Dick skewered Tom Cruise and Scientology. The Great Cult that had worked to intimidate and terrorize judges, witnesses, former members, writers, and government agencies by Fair Game, had been stopped in its tracks by comedy, satire, and the tremendous body of evidence that had been meticulously amassed on the internet by brave people such as Karin Spaink.

Despite the enormous success of Scientology's critics, what has been been missed by the media in the cultural repudiation of Scientology is the fact that Scientology is a Master Race ideology. One of my express purposes here is to inform the public that Scientology is a Master Race group. As such, Scientology has embedded in its scriptures L. Ron Hubbard's chilling call for a Scientology Genocide. Yes, you read this correctly: L. Ron Hubbard called for a Genocide against a certain class of people who he deemed needed to be, "Destroyed quietly and without sorrow." The class of people totals about 160,000,000 people.

Scientology's call for a Genocide is not known to the public, but I will make it known. Once you know the exact details and have read the proof, you may find that you belong to that class of people that Scientology wants to destroy.



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Scientology's Critics Have Reached Critical Mass

One of the defining points for me as a Scientology critic was when I wrote the post, The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass. I wrote the post on October 21, 2005. When I finished the essay, I had the writerly experience of having captured the zeitgeist, the pervasive cultural feeling of the time and place. In this case, I saw the enormous backlash against Tom Cruise as an expression of the decades of pent up cultural resentment against Scientology and its tactics of intimidation, harassment, particularly its doctrine of of Fair Game and of suing people who disagreed with this brutal and nasty Cult. I said that Scientology had built a dam made out of fear and that this dam held back the anger of society. I saw Tom Cruise as having placed such a big crack in the Scientology dam that the dam broke. Decades of pent up cultural resentment poured fourth and engulfed Scientology in a torrent of anger, ridicule, and payback.

I received a great many e-mails from my fellow former Scientologists and lurkers who read following my essay. For me, the essay crystallized my determination to keep working to expose Scientology. When Tom Cruise went on the warpath for his Cult, many people felt the same way I did and joined the fight against Scientology. Overnight, there was a wave of blogs, internet posts, and media reports on Scientology and Tom Cruise. This crushing wave would later culminate in episode 912 of South Park, a great triumph for Matt and Trey that I will discuss in a separate post.

My essay follows in blue:

The critics of Scientology have achieved critical mass. There is currently a critical mass of global public outrage and ridicule being directed at Scientology. This critical mass runs along the strong central axis of all major and minor media outlets and includes popular anti-Scientology websites such as;;; scienTOMogy; Ex-Scientology Members Board, etc.

That there has been such a heavy backlash against Scientology in popular culture is not some sudden phenomenon. It is rather a long-overdue indictment of Scientology by a planet outraged by decades of Scientology's inexcusable lies, intimidation, and brutality. Scientology has pulled this in on itself because it first created and then perpetuated a culture of brutality, hostility, inhumanity, and intrigue against society which was expressed in Operation Snow White and continues to manifest itself in the covert operations of OSA, the utter inhumanity of RPF, and the terrorism of Fair Game. Scientology created the preconditions necessary for the wide public contempt and scorn it is now justly receiving at the hands of the planetary citizenry and its media.

In 1967 L. Ron Hubbard declared war against humanity and freedom by asserting his policy of Fair Game against the world. LRH basically said that Scientology was a law unto itself and that it would viciously destroy its critics by any means possible. LRH was on the high seas in the period when he declared Fair Game. That LRH was in the high seas imbued him with a piratical spirit in which he said he and his followers would attack and destroy anyone who opposed them. Ron suddenly became a global religious pirate who served noticed that Scientology was at war with the world and would remain in a condition of war until the world capitulated to Scientology and turned over its governments to Scientology rule.

The primary purpose of Fair Game was to savagely destroy Scientology's critics by use of great violence. The secondary purpose of Fair Game was to instill a fear of Scientology in the public at large in order to chill freedom of speech and to prevent people from taking actions adverse to Scientology.

LRH knew that if he loudly and brutally destroyed his enemies he could accomplish two key objectives: 1) He could easily afford to pay settlements to the people he had ruined, but only after they had been utterly ruined and had surrendered to CoS by signing non-disclosure agreements. Scientology could destroy people and then settle with them quietly. The victims would take the money they needed to rebuild their shattered lives and they could never legally talk about how Scientology ruined them. In this way, Scientology could use the same brutal, and sometimes illegal, tactics over and over to destroy people and the public would never realize it because the victims were silenced. Fortunately, some victims fought back and exposed the tactics of Scientology. The website "Scientology Lies" is an excellent resource that documents the crimes and lies of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology:

2) By destroying its critics in a very public manner, Scientology would make the public afraid of angering it. This is what all tyrants do when they, "put a few heads on pikes." Tyrants make a brutal example of a few people to terrorize everyone else into obedience and silence. This is what Scientology has done and continues to do: It uses terrorism to instill fear in society. Scientology is no better than any other terrorist organization in this regard.

LRH didn't care what the public thought about him or Scientology as long as the world's population stayed quiet and allowed Scientology to destroy its critics and to harvest victims from the world's population by use of its systematic program of mind-control that masqueraded as a religion.

The Pirate Fortress of Scientology began to crumble when Tom Cruise attacked Matt Lauer and then bizzarely displayed his love for Katie Holmes. Tom's angry and irrational behavior suddenly triggered a critical mass of anger that had been simmering in Western Culture for several decades.

The huge amount of ridicule and anger recently directed at Scientology did not appear overnight. It did not come from out of nowhere. It rather came from deep wellsprings of resentment against Scientology that had been building pressure for decades. Moreover, all of the mechanisms were already in place to allow critical mass to be reached almost instantaneously. The major critics such as Gerry Armstrong, Jon Atack, Jesse Price, Arnie Lerma, and Karen Spaink had been doing the heavy lifting and fighting the good fight for decades. Websites such as this one, Andreas' celebrated aka Operation Clambake, had been in operation widely disseminating the truth about Scientology. The upper level materials had been exposed and widely ridiculed. Step by step, all of the elements were building to a climatic confrontation between Western Culture and Scientology.

The huge planetary backlash against Scientology that has been seen in recent months was the consequence of LRH's Declaration of War, of Fair Game, against all people who opposed Scientology. Tom Cruise himself reasserted LRH's Declaration of War against humanity:

"Some people, well, if they don't like Scientology, well, then, fuck you." He rises from the table. "Really." He points an angry finger at the imaginary enemy. "Fuck you." His face reddens. "Period."


Tom exposed his militant religious fanaticism when he uttered these words. These words would prove to boomerang, for once Tom uttered this curse the world took wide notice of his abusive Scientological curse and would return it to him in spades.

In retrospect, Tom Cruise's appearance on Oprah marked the zenith of Tom Cruise's career. He walked on stage as the most famous and powerful movie actor in the world. He was considered invincible. No one in the press would dare attack him or say anything less than flattering about Tom Cruise if they ever hoped to get an interview with this living screen legend.

Yet Tom Cruise's Oprah appearance would prove to be his personal Little Big Horn, for he allowed his ego to lead his power and prestige into a media massacre he never saw coming. Tom thought the Oprah interview would be a romp where he could charm women the world over and convince them that his love for Katie was pure and true and that Scientology was the most tres chic thing in the world.

In what has to be the single most bizarre interview in television history, what was supposed to be Tom's boyish charm was seen as full adult lunacy and perhaps even the erratic hints of an approaching insanity.

The cracks in Tom Cruise's armor widened to become chasms. The world looked into these chasms and finally saw the real Tom Cruise and it was disturbing. The Top Gun badly over-corrected and flamed-out on Oprah. Tom lost altitude in the vast skies of the world media and plummeted like a rock.

There proved to be a huge difference between Pat Kingsley guiding Tom Cruise's his career and his Scientologist sister Lee Anne -- who was now his PR person -- trying to fly him through something as major as an Oprah interview. Oprah is not a cable channel in Brazil where Tom can flub it. Oprah is the world and Tom flamed-out in the most important venue in the world. It was a stunning loss of face for the biggest actor on the planet.

Tom Cruise followed up his fiasco on Oprah in what has to be one of the most ill-advised TV interviews ever. During his interview with Matt Lauer, the Top Gun again badly over-corrected. Tom lurched from being a romantic lunatic on Oprah to being a Scientology bully and a complete ass during his interview with Matt Lauer. Worse, Tom went on the attack using his $360,000 religion which is based upon a little green man named Xenu, an E-Meter, and Body Thetans.

The Matt Lauer/Tom Cruise interview was Scientology's Pearl Harbor. This was the defining moment when the forces of the Western media and people worldwide saw a major weakness in Scientology and launched a broad attack where Scientology least expected it, and that would be Tom Cruise. Scientology wrongly thought that Tom Cruise was invincible and that the media would never dare attack him. But by this time Pat Kingsley was gone as Tom's PR guru. She had been replaced by Tom's sister and fellow Scientologist, Lee Anne DeVette. Stripped of the guidance and protection of Pat Kingsley, the stage was set for disaster in Tom's career.

Tom Cruise and Scientology were caught sleeping. They never suspected that the planet was so angry at them. People all across the globe were watching and waiting for an opportunity to repay Scientology for inflicting decades of intimidation and outrageous and uncivilized barbarism upon the planet.

Tom Cruise's interviews with Matt Lauer and Oprah interviews were defining moments in culture, for the world witnessed in them a major actor fall from his pedestal by his own bizarre actions. The world also decided that payday had come for Scientology: The world was no longer willing to accept the outrageous conduct or actions of Scientology and its adherents.

Scientology and Tom Cruise had sewn the wind and they would reap the whirlwind.

The outrage would be initially expressed as comedy and satire directed at Scientology. However, the comedy deepened into a sobering global realization of how dangerous and unbalanced Scientology really is. People read the websites and articles and were shocked to discover that Scientology really was a dangerous and fanatical cult as the critics had been saying all along.

Tom Cruise's popularity plunged in the months that followed. The Matt Lauer and Oprah interviews were absolute disasters for Tom Cruise and marked a turning point in his career as well as the fortunes of Scientology. Tom had gambled his prestiege and popularity to fight for Scientology and its belief in the evil galactic overlord Xenu and its fight against psychiatry.

Tom had gambled almost everything and had lost.

Tom Cruise only made it worse for himself and Scientology by going on the attack. People were absolutely outraged when Tom Cruise attacked the very likable Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields. Tom was being an imperious Scientology bully and people finally had had enough of Scientology's bullying and intimidation.

Matt Lauer simply said that psychiatric drugs had helped some people he had known. Tom talked over Matt and talked down to Matt: "Matt. Matt, Matt, you don't even-- you're glib. You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, okay? That's what I've done. Then you go and you say where's-- where's the medical test? Where's the blood test that says how much Ritalin you're supposed to get?"

To compound matters, Tom attacked Brooke Shields for making medical decisions appropriate to her life that were not in agreement with Tom's religion, a religion that costs $360,000 to go to the top. Tom Cruise essentially said that he and Scientology were better equipped to make medical decisions for Brooke Shields -- and for all other women suffering postpartum depression -- than Brooke or any other woman was.

Tom Cruise, a high school dropout, declared himself and his religion -- which is run by another high school drop-out named David Miscavige -- to be smarter and better than science and medicine.

People do not like uneducated religious fundamentalists of any stripe dictating healthcare or other life decisions to them, and Tom Cruise was doing exactly that: He was being an uneducated religious fundamentalist dictating terms to the world.

The world laughed in Tom's face and has not stopped since.

This whole thing is not about psychiatry versus Scientology. It has very little to do with psychiatry and rather everything to do with the planet being completely fed up with Scientology's intimidation tactics. The planet is no longer willing to accept Scientology's intimidation tactics.

Tom Cruise just happened to be the person who crystallized the planetary resentment against Scientology's intimidation tactics.

The internet and the rest of the media immediately ran with the stories of Tom Cruise's belligerent and irrational Scientology behavior. The deep wellsprings of resentment against Scientology burst forth: The dam broke. The anger and contempt against Scientology that had been stored for decades engulfed Scientology in the floodwaters of popular outrage.

There is now so much negative media against Scientology that its private covert operations bureau named "OSA" is overwhelmed. Scientology calls negative media "entheta" and OSA is drowning in a flood of entheta that even its magical OT powers cannot stop.

A poster here at named entheta_nyc wrote a public letter to Scientology's covert operatives:

Dearest OSA gals and goons:

...getting much sleep lately? I can't imagine that you have been. Must really suck having so many new situations to handle. Imagine how much enturbulation is not getting monitored, let alone getting handled, these days. And, it must be a real bummer that to the extent OSA had tech to handle the critics on the web up until this point (not very successfully, mind you), none of those strategies are even applicable to the new critics. Face it: there is no tech for handling or anything else that totally ridicules Scientology and doesn't even bother to take it seriously. As long as your job was to handle people trying to disseminate OT materials or former members speaking out you could delude yourself into thinking that this was a fight you could win or a situation that could be handled. Not. Any. More. You would have to handle every single person on this planet who has a sense of humor... I couldn't come up with a bigger joke than Scientology if I tried. ref:

It is true: Scientology will never again be the same following Tom Cruise's disastrous PR flaps. The best Scientology could do following the debacle was to try to swindle the victims of Hurricane Katrina and attack scienTOMogy. Imagine the immorality of trying to sell expensive Scientology courses to people whose homes and lives were ruined by Hurricane Katrina! Yet it is true: Like vultures swooping down on the victims of a terrible natural disaster, over 1,000 Scientologists went down to Louisiana and other states in a concerted attempt to get traumatized victims to join Scientology and sign away their FEMA monies and insurance settlements to Scientology.

Can you say depraved?

OSA's attack on the brilliantly comical website has to be the lamest, weakest, and most boomeranging legal attack Scientology has ever launched. For Scientology to attack a comedy website made it seem pathetic and clueless, especially when it decided to sue the sites creator for $100,000 for a so-called trademark infringement:


This is the exact sort of bullying litigation and moral criminality that causes people globally to ridicule Scientology and to hold it in contempt.

Payday has come for Scientology.

By being completely unable to handle the onslaught of humor except by tepid legal threats that everyone laughed at, Scientology has shown that it has feet of clay. Scientology was able to defeat the IRS, but it has shown that it can't take a joke.

Humor is one of the best weapons to use against Scientology. As the Christians say, "The Devil hates to be laughed at." So does Scientology. You make the connection.

One prediction is that David Miscavige (the leader of Scientology) will order some heads of critics to be put on pikes in order to show that Scientology is as big and bad as ever. However, Scientology will have to think very carefully about what it does because all of the radars of Western culture are up worldwide. The media and the planet are just waiting for Scientology to make its next mistake.

Has Scientology gotten the message from the planet that we want it to change and become peaceful and law-abiding or does it want more bad roads, more bad weather, and more bad press?

Did Scientology get the message?

Scientology is now at a major crossroads in its life. It has to either radically reform itself now or Western Culture will continue to use the media to relentlessly take apart Scientology in the courts of world opinion.

Scientology has to declare that it is no longer in a state of war against its critics or the world at large. Scientology has to announce the cessation of hostilities against its critics and the world ar large and publicly announce sweeping internal and external humanitarian reforms.

The alternative for Scientology is to continue to face the critical mass of negative global opinion and diminishing stats. It is hard to be a Scientologist these days. All internal reports indicate a siege mentality and downstats. The best course of action for Scientologists is to go offlines for awhile and see what RTC does next:

Will there be an amnesty?

Will there be sweeping internal and external humanitarian reforms?

Will there be price reductions?

In its present form, Scientology cannot repair the damage that it has done to itself let alone clear the planet.

What will Scientology do to repair itself?

Perhaps the larger question is if Scientology can repair itself?


Monday, January 7, 2008

Can Scientology Auditing Lead to Demonic Possession? Part Two: Tom Cruise

There is a particularly strange and little-known video of Tom Cruise on the David Letterman show. In this video, Tom Cruise speaks of endangering another person's life while he laughs almost uncontrollably. Based upon my own experience of auditing, I have always wondered if Tom Cruise had just finished an auditing session prior to appearing on Letterman. Watch Tom Cruise carefully in this video and ask yourself, "What is going on with Tom Cruise?" Tom's behavior shifts at about fifty seconds into the video:

When we compare the Letterman video with Tom's appearances on Oprah, we can see that a seemingly uncontrolled euphoria is present:

Tom Cruise is a Scientology New OT VIII. He has thus attained the highest level of spiritual attainment offered by the Church Scientology. I do not call New OT VII spiritual enlightenment because Scientology OT's do not exhibit the classical characteristics of spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, Scientology OT's do not even exhibit the powers promised to OT's by L. Ron Hubbard. OT's have attained something, but if we look at Tom Cruise as the premiere example of a Scientology OT, what are we actually seeing? Are we seeing the influence of negative spiritual entities? Are we seeing the same madness and grandiosity that engulfed L.Ron Hubbard as he gained temporal power and wealth in exchange for his physical health and mental sanity? Or are we seeing the behavioral effects of thousands of hours spent on the E-Meter with low voltage current literally flowing through one's physical brain?

In OT III through OT VIII solo auditing, the Scientologist holds the cans together in one hand. The cans are electrically separated by a rigid plastic isolator that also acts as a fastener to hold the cans together. OT's are also trained to read the arcane needle movements that their E-Meter produces as they telepathically locate, communicate with, and audit their BT's and CT's. Solo auditing is a daily ritual for an OT that can last from one to four hours. The OT goes into a locked room and sits in isolation with their E-Meter and a note pad to record needle movements and other data. Each OT level has a "course pack" that was written by LRH. The course pack consists of a set of auditing and other instructions needed to perform and complete each OT level.

In solo auditing, the Scientologist telepathically locates and communicates with their psychic adversaries known as BT's and CT's. Once the
Scientologist is in communication with a BT or a CT, the Scientologist audits them using the E-Meter. The BT or CT will cause needle movements that the OT reads in order to determine their next auditing action to handle the BT or CT. The goal of the OT in solo auditing is to get their BT's and CT's to awaken and realize that they are not the Scientologist to whom they have been attached and falsely identified with. Once a BT or a CT realizes that they are their own self and not the OT, they will depart and search for their own physical human body.

In terms of Magick, OT solo auditing could possibly be viewed as a defective cleansing and banishment ritual. Unlike Magick, however, the Scientologist never creates, cleanses, and locks a pentagram inside of which to perform Magickal operations. Instead, the Scientologist disregards the classical Magick rituals and trusts in L. Ron Hubbard's guidance in using the E-Meter to probe and conquer the invisible world. Moreover, the Scientologist has low voltage electronic current flowing through their brain during the 1-4 hours of solo auditing daily. This "can buzz" is known to create a wide range of effects including a phenomenon known as "doping off." When a Scientologist "dopes off" in session, LRH claimed that this was caused by their having gone past a word they did not understand. LRH and the Church of Scientology have never funded medical research into the question of whether or not a few hours of DC current passing through the human brain might be detrimental to a Scientologist's brain and overall health.

Electrical current is of course a form of energy and some percentage of energy is always lost in transmission. Some level of transmission loss must occur in Scientology auditing due to body acting as a resistor to the DC current emitted by the E-Meter. The brain is like a thick custard and could act as a heat sink for current. We know from electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) that the brain will accept electrical current. Former Scientology Sea Org member Arnie Lerma ( has suggested that Scientology auditing is simply a ECT spread out over time.

I am offering certain details of OT solo auditing in order to help my readers understand the rituals that Tom Cruise is required to perform everyday. I cannot tell you what Tom Cruise experiences inside of his Scientology reality system. However, I have shown you the two YouTube videos of Tom Cruise in what appear to be separate instances of uncontrolled euphoria. I have also described what Tom Cruise must do in OT solo auditing.

Please consider my hypothesis that Tom Cruise may be influenced by malign discarnate entities that one could call demons. Alternately, Tom Cruise may also have been affected by thousands of hours of DC current transiting through his brain during auditing sessions. In the larger sense, I see Scientology as discarnate entities + electricity + mind control techniques = total control of a person. I will explore all of these avenues.

Consider Tom Cruise's behavior and keep an open mind. I have far more information to present on my metaphysical hypothesis that Scientology auditing can lead to demonic possession. Some of what I will present will be chilling because it harmonizes with certain contemporary thinking on how extraterrestrials control particularly vulnerable types of humans by manipulating their neural pathways by use of electronic implants. "Electronic implants" assume a flow of electricity into the brains -- specifically key brain centers -- of such people. These electrical implants are said to cause human victims to experience an altered and deranged reality system. One aspect I am foreshadowing here is the alien connection to Scientology that I believe exists. I call this, "The Level Above OT" and will cover it in a future post here at The Best of J. Swift.

Warning: If you continue to read my blog, I will take you into a realm of High Strangeness and show you how Scientology is hard-wired into this realm. This realm does not belong to Scientology, but rather Scientology inheres in this realm.

Bob Dylan wisely observed that we all must serve somebody. Even people like Tom Cruise, L. Ron Hubbard, and David Miscavige must serve somebody. The question becomes one of whom Scientologists ultimately serve and why.


Scientology and "Body Routing"

L.Ron Hubbard gave clear instructions on "body routing" people into Scientology Orgs:

"When the prospect comes in, see him or her at once (no waiting). Be courteous, friendly, businesslike. Rise when they enter and leave. Call Reception to show them out if they stay too long. Be willing to take their money. Always prefer cash to notes. We are not a credit company. Always see the student or the 'pre-clear' before they leave the place after service. You can often sell more training or processing. It is a maxim that unless you have bodies you have no income. So on any pretext get bodies in the place, and provide ingress to the Registrar when they're there."

I think it no accident that Hubbard used the term "body routing" for Scientology appears to be ultimately, and secretly, all about routing bodies into Orgs and then routing Scientologists out of their bodies. The goal of being a Scientology OT such as Tom Cruise to live "stably exterior with full perceptics." This means that an OT is supposed to "operate" their body while they are outside their body. Esoterically, such a state would allow for hostile entities to combat the OT for control and possession of the body. This is why I am exploring in the question, "Can Scientology Lead to Demonic Possession?"


Does Scientology Lead to Demonic Possession? Part One: Tom Cruise

With all of the interest swirling around Andrew Morton's unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise, it becomes interesting for me as a writer and esotericist to look at Tom Cruise and Scientology in terms of the occult. The world watched in 2005 as Tom Cruise essentially destroyed his almost flawless and brilliant movie career. While the conventional wisdom says that, "Scientology made Tom Cruise crazy," that is too convenient and glib of an answer in my opinion. If we dare to look deeper into the matter, then we can ask a much more frightening question: "Did Scientology's psycho-electronic auditing techniques allow malevolent spiritual forces to negatively influence Tom Cruise?" In other words, has Tom Cruise opened himself up to powerful demonic forces as a result of his OT VIII solo auditing?

What does the Scientology E-Meter do? It passes low voltage electrical current through the brain. How does this affect the Scientologist? While I will explore the possible effects of the E-Meter in future, I can say for now from personal experience that Scientology auditing with the E-Meter can produce sensations in a person that range from euphoria and uncontrollable laughter to extreme anxiety. This is why I call Scientology auditing, or processing, a psycho-electronic personality alteration technique. I also call the low voltage current of the E-Meter "electronic opium" for auditing can be extremely addicting.

The E-Meter is a device that has two metal electrodes, or cans. One can is held in each hand.

Low voltage DC electrical current flows from one hand, through the peripheral nervous system, into the central nervous system, and then transits through the brain of the Scientologists as it follows a circuit path to the can in the other hand. As the current transits the human brain, the dial on the E-Meter moves. Within the sophistry of L. Ron Hubbard, each movement of the needle has a particular meaning. LRH trained auditors to read the movements of the needle and assign particular significances and meanings to each unique type of movement. Hardly a science, the ability of an auditor to discern and interpret the needle's movement introduces the bias of the observer into an already strange psycho-electronic experience.


Why I am Migrating from OCMB to My Own Blog - Part One

Scientology is a complex and secretive psycho-criminal Cult whose goal is twofold:

First, the Cult seeks nothing less than world domination by use of its psycho-criminal mind control techniques, which techniques are divided into an arrangement called The Bridge to Total Freedom. There are also other techniques that are not included on "the Bridge" and include the "L's", a series of "rundowns that can cost more than $100,000 each. L. Ron Hubbard's writings even call for a genocide against 2.5% of the global population that he deemed to be the source of the world's troubles. LRH, as he is called in Scientology, wanted these people to be, "destroyed quietly and without sorrow."

Second, Scientology's goal is to use its subtle, systematic, and increasingly powerful mind-control techniques on its members over time in order to control them while simultaneously stripping them of as much money as possible. If a Scientologist runs out of money, they can elect to work 80+ hours per week for about $50.00 USD as a member of Sea Org or Staff. These jobs come with no health care benefits provided by Scientology, nor do they include pension contributions, or any of the other benefits we normally associate with a job -- including even a guaranteed minimum wage. That is correct: Scientology does not pay the vast majority of its workers the minimum wage. The Cult justifies this by arguing that its members have taken a vow of poverty like other religious workers. Yet how can any person afford to live on $50.00 per week in the Western World?

The primary goals of Scientology lead us to ask these questions:

Where did Scientology's powerful mind-control techniques originate? Did L. Ron Hubbard invent them as he claimed? Or are they based in techniques that are far more ancient and evil?

How can good and decent people be programmed and changed so quickly by Scientology? Do such people cooperate both knowingly and unknowingly with the Scientology processes that work to deconstruct their force of will and personality?

In order to answer these questions as a critic, I found it necessary to delve heavily into the realm of the occult and of Black Magick, for it has been clear to me for a very long time that L. Ron Hubbard was Satanic. I use the word "Satanic" advisedly with respect to L. Ron Hubbard. I use the word to refer to the Cult's deliberate use of powerful psycho-spiritual and technological forces to control others. To be Satanic is to work against the life and freedom of others without their knowledge. Such a work can be called an Opus Con Naturum, or a Work Against Nature. How might Scientology's "Work Against Nature" express itself in human terms? Let us consider the case of two Scientologists who attempted to "handle" Scientology critic Mark Bunker when he sought to enter a Scientology Street Fair on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles. The Street Fair was supposedly open to the public:

Scientology works against human nature by "processing" people via Satanic psycho-electronic
techniques. We saw this in Tommy Davis' behavior in the BBC video, and we see the same behavior in the video above. Do Tommy Davis and the two fellows above represent spiritual enlightenment or do they have something to hide and defend? Scientology demands its right to l Free Speech so that it can call for the global destruction of psychiatry and psychiatrists, but let a journalist investigate Scientology and they are attacked and accused of being child molesters or murderers.

When I posted on such topics as the Occult, Black Magick, and Satanism at OCMB, I would often be attacked by Scientology operatives. These operatives work to distract from data that is damaging to Scientology and to dilute any post that has high value in exposing, say, the Black Magick origins of L. Ron Hubbard. Therefore, in order to fully explore the Satanic psycho-mechanics of Scientology, I realized that I needed to migrate from OCMB and begin my own blog where I would be unimpeded by Scientology trolls.

I was also "out gradient" at OCMB at times because the board exists to help people who want to depart Scientology. These people have been run through the Satanic MindFuck of Scientology, they have been exposed to what I call the "Electronic Opium" delivered by the E-Meter. This flow of electrons delivered by the E-Meter transits through a person's brain when they are in a Scientology auditing session. As a former Scientologist, I have experienced the highs and lows of Scientology auditing from euphoria to extreme disassociation. My auditing-induced euphoria would cause my mood to severely crash and I would become depressed and scared. I would feel the need to race back to the Org and get more auditing. The problem is that Scientology auditing is expensive. If one chooses the processing route, Scientology auditing is time consuming. The Scientology experience changes over time for each person. While some people appear to stabilize, other people become psychologically and financially damaged. They feel the control elements of Scientology and the constant demand for money drains their bank accounts, maxes out their credit cards, and causes them extreme distress.

Such people need compassion and healing. The many former Scientologists at OCMB are available to help these people when they are in crisis. Indeed, a person who has been "on course" in Scientology for any length of time cannot simply walk. People who want to leave Scientology typically do so due to an inner or outer crisis that has been precipitated by Scientology. OCMB acts like an underground railroad and has many ways to help people "blow" from Scientology. Conversely, Scientology may elect to assert this potentially deadly contract against any Scientologist who wants to leave. All Scientologists are required to sign this document. This is an older version:

The newer version is said to be even more frightening.

For the reasons I have described above, it became apparent to me that I should migrate from Scientology and focus on my particular work on a blog that is allied with OCMB. For instance, my post "Does Scientology Lead to Demonic Possession?" is an interesting metaphysical examination of a honest metaphysical question. The post is here:

If you read the entire thread, you will see how Scientologists worked to distract, dilute, and degrade the value of the post. Furthermore, someone who wants to leave Scientology and is in a great deal of psychological distress, may find my questions to be too disturbing. Of course, others may find that it confirms their suspicions about what might come down the road if they continue to systematically deconstruct their essential self by use of the powerful occultic and psycho-electronic processes of Scientology. While I will leave all of my extant work posted at OCMB, I will repost the best of that work here along with all of my new work.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and welcome to my blog.

The Best of J. Swift will offer readers the best of my work from, one of the world's premiere websites that examines Scientology from a critical perspective. When I post my previous work from here, I will expand upon it and add further commentary where needed. Additionally, all of my new writing will be posted here at my blog. I will no longer post my key work at for reasons that I will make clear. However, I remain a devoted member of Also known as Operation Clambake (OCMB), is famous for its cutting edge reporting on all things Scientological. Founded and operated by Mr. Andreas Heldal-Lund since 1997, OCMB has become a formidable force in the fight against the psycho-criminal cult known as The Church of Scientology.

OCMB has often been the first website to cover many of the dramatic stories coming out of Scientology. The people behind those stories -- including many high-ranking Scientologists who belonged to L. Ron Hubbard's infamous Sea Org --have come to to announce their escape from Scientology and what they had to endure in the often gulag-like conditions of Scientology's Int Base, the heavily-fortified compound in Hemet, California that serves as the global headquarters for the Sea Org.

The Sea Org is the group that operates Scientology on a daily basis. The Sea Org is a paramilitary organization charged with enforcing L. Ron Hubbard's "ethics" upon the world. The Sea Org is headed by David Miscavige, the best friend and best man of Tom Cruise. If you watched the Scientology "handling" of the BBC's John Sweeney, then you saw Scientology's Sea Org at work attempting to attack and destroy this act of free speech that was critical of Scientology:

This YouTube video shows how Scientology works when journalists attempt to investigate and ask questions. Tommy Davis, the Scientologist who leads the attack on the BBC's John Sweeney, is a member of Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs," (OSA), a unit that is nothing less than Scientology's own private intelligence, intimidation, harassment, and dirty tricks unit. This video helps to make the case for exposing Scientology for the malicious Cult that it is.