Sunday, January 6, 2008

Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and welcome to my blog.

The Best of J. Swift will offer readers the best of my work from, one of the world's premiere websites that examines Scientology from a critical perspective. When I post my previous work from here, I will expand upon it and add further commentary where needed. Additionally, all of my new writing will be posted here at my blog. I will no longer post my key work at for reasons that I will make clear. However, I remain a devoted member of Also known as Operation Clambake (OCMB), is famous for its cutting edge reporting on all things Scientological. Founded and operated by Mr. Andreas Heldal-Lund since 1997, OCMB has become a formidable force in the fight against the psycho-criminal cult known as The Church of Scientology.

OCMB has often been the first website to cover many of the dramatic stories coming out of Scientology. The people behind those stories -- including many high-ranking Scientologists who belonged to L. Ron Hubbard's infamous Sea Org --have come to to announce their escape from Scientology and what they had to endure in the often gulag-like conditions of Scientology's Int Base, the heavily-fortified compound in Hemet, California that serves as the global headquarters for the Sea Org.

The Sea Org is the group that operates Scientology on a daily basis. The Sea Org is a paramilitary organization charged with enforcing L. Ron Hubbard's "ethics" upon the world. The Sea Org is headed by David Miscavige, the best friend and best man of Tom Cruise. If you watched the Scientology "handling" of the BBC's John Sweeney, then you saw Scientology's Sea Org at work attempting to attack and destroy this act of free speech that was critical of Scientology:

This YouTube video shows how Scientology works when journalists attempt to investigate and ask questions. Tommy Davis, the Scientologist who leads the attack on the BBC's John Sweeney, is a member of Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs," (OSA), a unit that is nothing less than Scientology's own private intelligence, intimidation, harassment, and dirty tricks unit. This video helps to make the case for exposing Scientology for the malicious Cult that it is.


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