Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nancy Many: My Billion Year Contract

Congratulations to Nancy Many, former high ranking Sea Org (GO and OSA) member on her new book. You can about Nancy and order her book by clicking: My Billion Year Contract: Memoir of a Former Scientologist. I urge people to buy and read the book to look at the "fanaticism and abuse" that is at the heart of Scientology. Tom Cruise's "leaked Go to Guns"video was evidence of the pervasive and irrational fanaticism inside of Scientology as was David Miscavige's image of an exploding hand grenade at the church's 2007 New Year's Eve Event.

What drives this angry, hostile, Cult? It is not just the money; money simply serves to fuel the fanaticism. Nancy's book takes a deep look into Scientology, a predatory, psycho-occultic system of practices designed to strip its members of everything and create Homo Novis, a Master Race. Nancy speaks from direct experiences gained during her 27 years in Scientology.

Nancy's book is timely, for Scientology has recently gone on a PR offensive to prove that it is somehow good. Yet, the long-time OT's who have publicly departed and two recent Scientology suicides tell quite another story. Culture needs to understand the Evil that is Scientology. Nancy's book serves to give people real facts from a former top-ranking Sea Org member. It takes a great deal of courage to speak out against the Cult of Scientology and Nancy does so in order to prevent others falling victim to this most demented cult.

From Nancy's website:

"To a young, teenage girl, Scientology seemed to be just what the author was looking for; a way to improve herself and attain spiritual enlightenment. But it was only after she joined Scientology’s elite inner circle, the Sea Organization, and signed a Billion Year contract that she discovered the dark world of fanaticism and abuse at the center of Scientology’s vast empire.

"For more than two decades she worked at all levels of the organization, from serving as a personal aide to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, who placed her in charge of the religion’s worldwide expansion to becoming the head of Celebrity Center, the organization that caters to it’s celebrity members.

"Early in her Scientology career, she spent five years as a covert agent engaged in espionage activities for the Church’s shadowy Guardian’s Office. After leaving the Sea Org she spent an additional two years as an undercover operative for the “reformed” Guardian’s Office, the Office of Special Affairs, which continued the same pattern of covert intelligence and dirty tricks against the Church’s perceived enemies while using intense legal attacks and bolstered by hire private investigators. She personally experienced the Sea Organization’s Rehabilitation Project Force; a labor camp where erring members are “re-educated”.

"When her loyalty came into question she was subjected to weeks of grueling interrogation, ending up in restraints after being rushed to a hospital by ambulance, unable to even recognize her husband.

"It is a shocking story of abuse, imprisonment, espionage, lies, mental torture and suicide- vital reading for anyone who wants to know what goes on behind Scientology’s curtain.

“Nancy Many’s book is the first full-length study to provide insight into how some of Scientology’s techniques and policies may cause or contribute to severe mental health problems among members.”
Stephen A. Kent
Professor, Department of Sociology,
Adjunct Professor, Department of
Religious Studies, University of Alberta

“My Billion Year Contract is a voyage thru the horrors of abuse and injustice in the name of the human soul. In the midst of it, we find
the healing power of the Human Spirit and Love. This memoir is of an unlikely and unwilling hero who faces the darkest of our human demons to help others. Not only is her journey riveting, she provides you will deep insight into psychosis and mind control.”
Dr. James Dincalci
Retired Psychotherapist, founder
of the Forgiveness Foundation and author of How to Forgive When You Can’t.

“This story is about the most powerful examples of how things can go wrong with the use of Scientology. It was only the deep love of her husband that brought her back from the cliff.”
Chuck Beatty