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Can Scientology Auditing Lead to Demonic Possession? Part Two: Tom Cruise

There is a particularly strange and little-known video of Tom Cruise on the David Letterman show. In this video, Tom Cruise speaks of endangering another person's life while he laughs almost uncontrollably. Based upon my own experience of auditing, I have always wondered if Tom Cruise had just finished an auditing session prior to appearing on Letterman. Watch Tom Cruise carefully in this video and ask yourself, "What is going on with Tom Cruise?" Tom's behavior shifts at about fifty seconds into the video:

When we compare the Letterman video with Tom's appearances on Oprah, we can see that a seemingly uncontrolled euphoria is present:

Tom Cruise is a Scientology New OT VIII. He has thus attained the highest level of spiritual attainment offered by the Church Scientology. I do not call New OT VII spiritual enlightenment because Scientology OT's do not exhibit the classical characteristics of spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, Scientology OT's do not even exhibit the powers promised to OT's by L. Ron Hubbard. OT's have attained something, but if we look at Tom Cruise as the premiere example of a Scientology OT, what are we actually seeing? Are we seeing the influence of negative spiritual entities? Are we seeing the same madness and grandiosity that engulfed L.Ron Hubbard as he gained temporal power and wealth in exchange for his physical health and mental sanity? Or are we seeing the behavioral effects of thousands of hours spent on the E-Meter with low voltage current literally flowing through one's physical brain?

In OT III through OT VIII solo auditing, the Scientologist holds the cans together in one hand. The cans are electrically separated by a rigid plastic isolator that also acts as a fastener to hold the cans together. OT's are also trained to read the arcane needle movements that their E-Meter produces as they telepathically locate, communicate with, and audit their BT's and CT's. Solo auditing is a daily ritual for an OT that can last from one to four hours. The OT goes into a locked room and sits in isolation with their E-Meter and a note pad to record needle movements and other data. Each OT level has a "course pack" that was written by LRH. The course pack consists of a set of auditing and other instructions needed to perform and complete each OT level.

In solo auditing, the Scientologist telepathically locates and communicates with their psychic adversaries known as BT's and CT's. Once the
Scientologist is in communication with a BT or a CT, the Scientologist audits them using the E-Meter. The BT or CT will cause needle movements that the OT reads in order to determine their next auditing action to handle the BT or CT. The goal of the OT in solo auditing is to get their BT's and CT's to awaken and realize that they are not the Scientologist to whom they have been attached and falsely identified with. Once a BT or a CT realizes that they are their own self and not the OT, they will depart and search for their own physical human body.

In terms of Magick, OT solo auditing could possibly be viewed as a defective cleansing and banishment ritual. Unlike Magick, however, the Scientologist never creates, cleanses, and locks a pentagram inside of which to perform Magickal operations. Instead, the Scientologist disregards the classical Magick rituals and trusts in L. Ron Hubbard's guidance in using the E-Meter to probe and conquer the invisible world. Moreover, the Scientologist has low voltage electronic current flowing through their brain during the 1-4 hours of solo auditing daily. This "can buzz" is known to create a wide range of effects including a phenomenon known as "doping off." When a Scientologist "dopes off" in session, LRH claimed that this was caused by their having gone past a word they did not understand. LRH and the Church of Scientology have never funded medical research into the question of whether or not a few hours of DC current passing through the human brain might be detrimental to a Scientologist's brain and overall health.

Electrical current is of course a form of energy and some percentage of energy is always lost in transmission. Some level of transmission loss must occur in Scientology auditing due to body acting as a resistor to the DC current emitted by the E-Meter. The brain is like a thick custard and could act as a heat sink for current. We know from electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) that the brain will accept electrical current. Former Scientology Sea Org member Arnie Lerma ( has suggested that Scientology auditing is simply a ECT spread out over time.

I am offering certain details of OT solo auditing in order to help my readers understand the rituals that Tom Cruise is required to perform everyday. I cannot tell you what Tom Cruise experiences inside of his Scientology reality system. However, I have shown you the two YouTube videos of Tom Cruise in what appear to be separate instances of uncontrolled euphoria. I have also described what Tom Cruise must do in OT solo auditing.

Please consider my hypothesis that Tom Cruise may be influenced by malign discarnate entities that one could call demons. Alternately, Tom Cruise may also have been affected by thousands of hours of DC current transiting through his brain during auditing sessions. In the larger sense, I see Scientology as discarnate entities + electricity + mind control techniques = total control of a person. I will explore all of these avenues.

Consider Tom Cruise's behavior and keep an open mind. I have far more information to present on my metaphysical hypothesis that Scientology auditing can lead to demonic possession. Some of what I will present will be chilling because it harmonizes with certain contemporary thinking on how extraterrestrials control particularly vulnerable types of humans by manipulating their neural pathways by use of electronic implants. "Electronic implants" assume a flow of electricity into the brains -- specifically key brain centers -- of such people. These electrical implants are said to cause human victims to experience an altered and deranged reality system. One aspect I am foreshadowing here is the alien connection to Scientology that I believe exists. I call this, "The Level Above OT" and will cover it in a future post here at The Best of J. Swift.

Warning: If you continue to read my blog, I will take you into a realm of High Strangeness and show you how Scientology is hard-wired into this realm. This realm does not belong to Scientology, but rather Scientology inheres in this realm.

Bob Dylan wisely observed that we all must serve somebody. Even people like Tom Cruise, L. Ron Hubbard, and David Miscavige must serve somebody. The question becomes one of whom Scientologists ultimately serve and why.


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psychic said...

I don't want to give too much of my story, long and surreal, but I became associated with a group who's founder was friends with LRH, eventually they were declared enemies of Scientology and are a much smaller group of people but with more than one training center. Anyhow, I trained with this group long enough to be exposed to much of what "energy" underlies the ultimate goals of such training. After two psychotic breaks with visions of future events that came to pass and some that have yet to (with no history of disorder, I finally saw what was happening and broke away from this group).

heh, Now I sound like a real looney so take or leave what I write.

Anyhow, I created this account with google just to make this comment. I want you to know you're onto something, you're into the hardcore material of what it's all about. And what you call the Demonic Possession is actually an alien intelligence trying to stake a claim on the planet by taking over the bodies of individuals who seek "spiritual freedom"...but never ask the question "freedom from who or what?"

It sounds bizarre I know.

The characteristics of this alien energy:
1. There is no love but there
may be affinity between beings.
2. You are not your brother's
keeper and should stive to
seperate your energy from
3. To survive, you steal energy
from others (a form of game)
and "culling."
4. Those who don't participate in
the game, once the game is the
predominant one, will be
destroyed (their soul energy
will be erased) with no mercy
given as mercy does not exist
with this alien intelligence.
"Your crimes, though admitted
are NEVER forgiven."
5. The residing soul with
emotions is considered a ghost
to be forced to vacate from a
person's physical body using
certain techniques (your
scientology auditing being
one of them).
6. The stealing of bodies is
considered "a game" and is
considered "a big joke."
"an inplanting" and those it
happens to are
considered "simple minds."
7. The ultimate joke is to
enslave a body by promising
it "spiritual freedom" and then
hijacking it.
8. The alien energy doing this
was originally on the planet
before us and now they want
the planet back.
9. Once they require power, they
can control an enslaved
population. But what goals
they have set for this
population, I was not shown.