Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sergeant L. Ron Hubbard, USMC

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venusian_traindriver, thank you. I am glad I did this thread, for it raised serious questions about Hubbard's life from 1928-1934:

1. LRH was residing in a US Naval Hospital in 1933: Why?

2. LRH enlisted in the USMC Reserve in 1930 when he was 19 years old. A scant 18 months later, LRH the Reservist had the rank and paygrade of a First Sergeant (E5). How did Hubbard pull this off? It takes about four years to reach E5 according to US Military website I checked.

3. LRH was honorably discharged from the USMC after eighteen months on the condition that he could not re-enlist. Why was L. Ron Hubbard banned for life from the USMC?

4. I have discerned pattern, using Hubbard's own words, in which he feigned physical problems or illness in order to avoid the punishment for his own actions during key periods of stress in his life. My work is my thread The Evolution of a Fraud. I strongly urge your fifty friends look at it because it is solid research into Hubbard's behavior:

5. My theory is that L. Ron Hubbard falsified his promotion to First Sergeant in order to collect more money from the USMC. Hubbard had expensive hobbies in college that he had to pay for. This include getting his license to fly a glider. Although he did not have a license for powered flight, Hubbard also claimed to have barnstormed during this period and flying airplanes was an extremely expensive proposition in the Great Depression.

6. My theory maintains the Hubbard was caught in his fraud. Threatened with a court martial and time at Fort Leavenworth, Hubbard pleaded insanity of some sort. In order to confirm his claimed mental illness, the USMC had Hubbard placed into the US Naval Hospital Psychiatric Ward. It was here that Hubbard was exposed firsthand to the gruesome ECT psychiatric techniques of the 1930's by observing what happened to other patients who underwent ECT.

7. My theory would, in part, explain Hubbard's intense hatred against both Psychiatry and Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT). I think that Hubbard was made a candidate for ECT, but that his faked mental illness suddenly improved when he realized the irreversible outcome of an ECT if he persisted in his lie. Hubbard's hatred for psychiatry and Electro-Convulsive Therapy is institutionalized into the Cult of Scientology and its fanatic front group CCHR, the so-called Citizens Commission for Human Rights, a self-proclaimed Psychiatry watchdog group that sells the Cult's Xenu/BT-based "processing" as an alternative to Psychiatry and Psychology.

8. Hubbard's father was a career US Naval officer who would have intervened for his son. Commander Thompson likely intervened as well. I theorize that in the gentlemanly tradition of the United States Marine Corps, the Commandant gave the twenty-one year old Hubbard an honorable discharge so that a young man who had made a very serious mistake would not be tarred for life by a court martial, a medical discharge, or worse, a Section 8 discharge given to those with "mental conditions." However, the USMC Commandant split the difference: He ordered that LRH be banned for life from the Corps he had disgraced. IMO, Hubbard's lifetime ban from the USMC was the manner in which the Commandant quietly "marked" Hubbard for life as having disgraced the United States Marine Corps.

I think that my theory is consistent and explains the facts of the period. Hubbard's USMC service jacket appears to have been rifled later by unknown persons.