Thursday, May 21, 2009

J. Swift's Paris Travel Journal: Part I

I arrived in Paris, the City of Lights, and it was breathtaking to once again see the Eiffel Tower:

This photo is from the internet as I am not such a good photographer, oui? I have my dear Natasha with me as well as my OT friend who we will call Bill. Bill is an OT VII. He is having very serious problems with his participation in Scientology after decades in the Church. I offered to pay all of his expenses and take him with me to Paris so he could get away from all of the phone calls and the demands that he do Sec Checks and get back into the Org. He has not left CoS and is not in any immediate danger of a Declare as he has money. Bill has loads of money despite Scientology's best efforts to bleed him dry all these years. CoS would prefer to keep their greedy hands on him and has suggested a program recently to get Bill back on lines. Bill put them off. He also refused my offer to pay for his trip as a gift and insisted that we share the costs of the trip. He does not want to feel obligated and I understand.

My lovely Natasha is my girlfriend, my lover, and best friend. I lavish her with affection and gifts. She is the finest woman in the world and I worship the ground upon which she walks. I am in Paris with my girlfriend and my old pal Bill. Although he is in Paris, Bill remains mordant and gloomy. I know he is dealing with a great inner struggle with Scientology and my goal is to tip the scales in Paris so that he blows. Bill is even now in his room solo auditing and smoking Kool menthol cigarettes, the same LRH smoked:

Although Bill will not speak to me of the upper levels, he knows I have read all of the levels online. He knows I know the secrets and it has not killed me. This bothers him. Many things about Scientology increasingly bother Bill. He is always asked for money. Someone from Super Power tried to reg him for an amount he would only say was, "Well over $50,000." He has already given much money to Scientology and his issues remain unhandled. The Church makes him wrong for having these issues. When they fail to deliver what they are paid for, they refuse to refund money and instead say that it is an SP in one's environment causing the problem. Bill knows me as a good friend and refuses to see me as an SP so I am not the problem. He does not know I post here. I do not ask him about the upper levels and he does not ask me what I do online.

My job in Paris is to convince Bill to leave Scientology once and for all. That is the main reason I arranged this trip. Well, that and to take Natasha shopping and look at art. I will also visit the Paris Org and have concocted what should be a fun adventure.

While Bill was auditing, Natasha and I went to the Paris Opera House to meet some friends of her's who live in Paris:

The Opera House is truly one of the most beautiful places in Paris. Europe is so rich in art and architecture that one quickly realizes that America has very few buildings that can compare.