Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scientology High Strangeness Alert Issued

I am issuing a Scientology High Strangeness Alert with effect from December 8th through January 16, 2009. SHSA's are issued when the sum of intelligence indicates that the Cult is about to act in potentially dangerous ways towards the public and to its critics. The recent events in which Scientology has been involved suggest that a new and disturbing pattern of brutality is emerging from within the core of Scientology. The shooting death of Scientologist Mario Majorski by a Scientology security agent -- who was a retired LAPD officer -- was very quickly ruled a justifiable homicide by LAPD. However, LAPD Detective Wendi Berndt's public contradictions and misstatements in the shooting betrayed a deeper and more profoundly disturbing connection between CoS and LAPD than was generally suspected. Critics know that LAPD Hollywood is in bed with Scientology, but the sheer speed with which LAPD dismissed a homicide was breathtaking.

LAPD's utter lack of transparency with the public about the fatal shooting was shocking and inexcusable. When connected to LAPD's fascist behavior and mass deployment at the first several protests in 2008, the depth of Scientology's influence in LAPD becomes very evident. My SHSA warns protesters this Saturday -- Dec 13, 2008 -- to take extreme caution in Hollywood. LAPD officers very recently acted aggressively, and a false arrested is alleged -- towards a lawful protester and we, the critics, allege that this unlawful use of police authority was conducted at the request of CoS by LAPD officers who are somehow in the pocket of Scientology.

Today there will be a hearing in Riverside County on what we critics are calling the "Jeff Stone Law." We allege that this egregious abuse of the law for the exclusive benefit of Scientology was perpetrated by by Supervisor Jeff Stone. There will be a public hearing on this bogus, unconstitutional law in Riverside County, California as has been discussed in another thread. What we appear to have here is an elected Riverside County Supervisor caught and exposed on open ground as a Scientology tool.

Jeff Stone is the "Smoking Gun" who shows how Scientology attempts to use a deeply-echeloned intelligence apparatus to penetrate individual police agencies and local governments in the major cities in which it operates. This echeloned approach is clear in the City of London, Los Angeles, and Riverside County. Scientology's critics have names of individual police officers -- one whom is a Scientologist in a senior LAPD position -- as well as public officials who have acted in improper, and possibly illegal, ways for Scientology. Furthermore, LAPD Hollywood's refusal to take my report of a rock-throwing and a vehicle being shot at following a protest shows a pattern in LAPD that acts to protect Scientology. This cannot continue. There has to be an Internal Affairs investigation by LAPD in the Hollywood Division and other select LAPD locations. The Governor of Illinois learned this morning, to his utter chagrin, that the FBI takes a dim view of public officials abusing the power of their offices or badges. I suggest that LAPD and Riverside County take the initiative and clean house now as regards Scientology.

CoS is feeling the pressure now as its deeply echeloned penetrations of LAPD and Riverside County are cracking apart and being exposed under pressure. CoS' tactics in the City of London have already been exposed. The Karma of our Time, of this New Era, is shattering lies and deceptions. Karma is exposing those individuals who have perpetrated these lies and deceptions for their personal benefit. Scientology's critics are Agents of Karma and we work specifically to expose the Scientology Fraud. Mark my word: The Battle of Gold Base will become a Scientology Waterloo. That is written in the stars.

Jeff Stone has already been exposed as an Agent of the Antichrist Cult of Scientology. Why does Stone fight against pedophiles while embracing and defending a Master Race Cult? Stone will have to either defend his wildly unconstitutional law or retreat in humiliation. Stone surely knew going into his foolish act that Scientology will ruin any politician, famous actor, or anyone else it needs to ruin in order to serve its own demented and poisonous agenda. Scientology spiritually and financially destroys people and families and Jeff Stone apparently supports these aims. Why? What does he get in return from Scientology? What do a few Riverside County Sheriff's deputies get in return?

The next six weeks are crucial. The Battle of Gold Base threatens to undermine Scientology's scam that its employees are volunteers. LAPD's Hollywood Divisions will likely face a serious media challenge with respect to its dubious, lavish defense of Scientology with taxpayer dollars. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department will be under heavy scrutiny as well due to certain video footage that will be made public. This pressure will drive Scientology to a state of High Strangeness and extreme aggression as its last battlements teeter on collapse.