Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Independent Field and Karma

I believe that Karma is systematically dismantling CoS in its present form. Relative to CoS, certain key events are karmically unfolding according to a spiritual logic and pattern. This pattern is sometimes surreal and highly strange. I have described the sequence as I have seen it unfold since 2005. I have used certain of my thread titles to form a long-term narration of the sequence. Anonymous' arrival on the scene in February 2008 was the most staggering of all events for CoS in the sequence from 2005 forward. The meltdown of Tom Cruise in 2005 initiated the sequence.

10/2005: The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass
04/2006: We Are Witnessing the Destruction of Scientology
05/2006: Insurrection and the Underground Railroad in Scientology
01/2007: Scientology's 2007 New Years Eve Event
07/2007: Miscavigology: The New Scientology
09/2007: The Beginning of the End for Scientology
09/2007: BFG and Little Bear Victor Have Begun the Quiet Revolution
11/2007: The Divergence Has Occurred
03/2008: We Have Entered the Edge of the Debris Field
03/2008: The Rebel Alliance Forms Within Scientology
04/2008: The Karmic Vortex: The Hyper-Acceleration of Events
05/2008: Why Does David Miscavige Refuse to Speak Publicly?
05/2009: The Concept of the "Org" is Dead
07/2009: The Karmic Vortex II
06/2009: Scientology's Summer of Cognitive Dissonance
10/2009: Shadowmen LLC Exit Strategy
10/2009: The Organic Dissolution of the Church of Scientology
10/2009: The Collapse of the State of Operating Thetan
01/2010: The Scientology Diaspora

As I see it, there are 7-8 more significant thread titles needed to complete the sequence.

My support for the Indies is directly tied to my spiritual belief that they are part of the Karmic Dismantling of CoS in its present form.

To Dorothy's point, I can like their activism without endorsing their particular brand of "quasi-empirical supernaturalism."


Based upon the philosophical principle of the lesser Evil, I maintain that people are harmed less in the Indie and FZ fields than in CoS.

Based upon the philosophical principle of utilitarianism, it is desirable to have Mike and Marty publicly fighting Dave. I would rather have the two gentlemen fighting Dave than working for him. I see life being easier for our side now that Mike and Marty and the Indies are openly opposing David Miscavige.

Based upon my Civil Libertarian views, I think people should have more rights and not less. If people want to attempt to erase all of the engrams, ghosts, space opera, and implants they believe to be occluding their lives by use of Scientology, why then have it! Jump in and see what's waiting for you inside of Hubbard's House of Head Games, Indieville, or the Freezone. Enter at your own risk. Pay your money, get on the cans, light up a Kool, and see what comes up for you in session.

In addition to being thoroughly discredited, the Church of Scientology should also lose its tax exempt status everywhere.