Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology

"The Int Base was rotten to the core. David Miscavige knew this. He had known about all of these crimes, yet the bogus courses were still being sold, the faulty auditing was still being charged for, the money was still being taken in by orgs all around the world... Dave Miscavige was the only one that already knew all this and was NOT sitting in the SP hole at the Int Base." -- excerpt from Marc Headley's great new book Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology.

Marc Headley, or "BFG" as he was known to we critics when he first began posting online about life on Scientology's once-secret Int Base, tells a riveting story in his new "must read" book.

The first time I met BFG was at a restaurant. It was a mind-bending few hours as he related his stories of life at Gold. All of it belonged in a book. In this book, Marc shows the world how Scientology gets made and it is not ideal. Marc's book offers a "Scientology Sea Org:101" course for readers who want to know about the Sea Org up close and personal. The book includes a convenient Glossary of Scientology terms to help readers new to the subject understand Scienospeak.

Marc Headley delivers an exciting, page-turning narrative. His stories are shocking and yet he ultimately escapes from behind Scientology's Iron Curtain. Soon after Marc blew his wife Claire followed him, thus proving that Love is more powerful than the chains of Scientology. Blown for Good is an exceptional firsthand account from a Scientology survivor who became a major figure in the critics movement.

I remember when Marc and Claire showed up at one of the early Anonymous protests. They are, and remain, heroes of the movement against the abuses of the Church of Scientology. I took this picture of Marc speaking outside of the HGB in Hollywood:

This is one of my favorite BFG photos because it shows Marc down in the trenches with the rest of us. Marc is not an "Ivory Tower" guy. He took great risks when he posted as BFG at and the other message boards. When this photo was taken, the Cult of Scientology had convinced LAPD that Anonymous was a highly dangerous group. The LAPD presence was staggering and we protesters were treated as a threat by hostile police, including undercover agents, helicopters, and OSA's private PI's. Counted among OSA's PI's were former FBI and Secret Service agents. The Cult was filming and photographing protesters in an attempt to intimidate us. It did not work. LAPD later realized that Anonymous was not a threat and that CoS had vastly hyper-inflated
everything. Of course, hyper-exaggeration is not surprising coming from a Cult that tells of Space Lord Xenu nuking volcanoes full of people! That was some tax audit, eh?

At the time of this particular protest, Marc had OSA on his back in a way that few people did. He and Claire were being harassed and followed. Marc was OSA's SP #1 in the world and remains high on the SP list so far as Cult Dictator David Miscavige is concerned!