Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/2011: The Big Crack in the Scientology Snow Globe World

It is 3:13 PM on All Soul's Eve -- Halloween -- here in Los Angeles. I have seen three new phases of the Karmic Vortex at work on this Hallowed Evening. I call these:

10/2010: The Great Awakening
10/2010: The Big Crack in the Scientology Snow Globe World
10/2010: The Third Tsunami

I sensed a a gigantic fracture in the Subtle Realms where CoS is moored. I think everything happens very fast now in the next 90 days. When I look, I see a giant wave of spiritual energy -- "The Third Tsunami" -- approaching CoS. I see Flag enveloped in The Third Tsunami. I thought it would come in 2011, but it has come three months early.

Here is my narrative with these three new events added at the end of the sequence:

10/2005: The Critics Have Reached Critical Mass
04/2006: We Are Witnessing the Destruction of Scientology
05/2006: Insurrection and the Underground Railroad in Scientology
01/2007: Scientology's 2007 New Years Eve Event
07/2007: Miscavigology: The New Scientology
09/2007: The Beginning of the End for Scientology
09/2007: BFG and Little Bear Victor Have Begun the Quiet Revolution
11/2007: The Divergence Has Occurred
03/2008: We Have Entered the Edge of the Debris Field
03/2008: The Rebel Alliance Forms Within Scientology
04/2008: The Karmic Vortex: The Hyper-Acceleration of Events
05/2008: Why Does David Miscavige Refuse to Speak Publicly?
05/2009: The Concept of the "Org" is Dead
07/2009: The Karmic Vortex II
06/2009: Scientology's Summer of Cognitive Dissonance
10/2009: Shadowmen LLC Exit Strategy
10/2009: The Organic Dissolution of the Church of Scientology
10/2009: The Collapse of the State of Operating Thetan
01/2010: The Scientology Diaspora
10/2010: The Great Awakening
10/2010: The Big Crack in the Scientology Snow Globe World
10/2010: The Third Tsunami

As I see it, there are now only 3-4 more significant thread titles needed to complete the sequence.

RPF, Disconnection, and SP Declares are weapons used to dispose of people quietly and without sorrow. When Scientologists are in good standing, they support these doctrines. However, with more Scientologists than ever running afoul of Miscavige's rapacious demand for more money and more slave labor, Scientologists are blowing in unprecedented numbers as they realize with horror that which they had been supporting.

This Big Crack in the Scientology Snow Globe is part of the "Great Awakening" for those who are leaving. Those who remain in CoS will experience what is happening as Scientology's Götterdämmerung.

Remember: This does not end until CoS is dismantled in its present form.