Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Twilight Glare of Scientology

Scientology Dictator David Miscavige has proclaimed a Golden Dawn. Yet, this is just another empty pretty picture. It might as well be an engram, a mental image picture that contains great pain and unconsciousness:

The OT's on Hollywood Boulevard tell quite another story. Indeed, these OT's are Truth Revealed, for they stand powerlessly in the Twilight Glare of Scientology, casting their long shadows that call to the approaching night. The once-vaunted Scientology OT's proved completely unable to stop, or even slow, the Anonymous Onslaught. The Twilight Glare, and not The Golden Dawn, is the Reality for Scientology:

There OT's leaving Scientology like never before. New OT VIII Geir Isene has just left CoS after twenty-five years. He publicly offered a thoughtful, comprehensive eight page Write Up explaining why.

There are other Scientologists writing up their thoughts and concerns online. One of the most brilliant blogs out there is Ask the Scientologist. In a recent post, David Miscavige (DM) was discussed. It occurred to me that DM's Karma is eerily following that of LRH almost to the letter: DM is now spending time at sea, in non-extradition countries, or in the relative seclusion and security of Scientology bases that are safe-pointed by retired police officers who have proven their ability to "shoot to kill" as in the case of Mario Majorski.

The Collapse of CoS began at a Cultural Level following Tom Cruise's badly miscalculated media missteps in 2005. The Critics reached Critical Mass in 2005 when the dam broke. Critical Mass allowed for the fight against Scientology to shift from the Internet Level to the Cultural Level.

The collapse hyper-accelerated in 2008 following The Anonymous Onslaught. This onslaught shifted the Collapse of CoS from the Cultural to the Structural Level.

A potent new phase of the collapse occurred with the revelations brought about the St. Petersburg Times stories on David Miscavige. These stories shifted the Collapse of CoS from the Structural to the Dictator Level, for they offered eyewitness, executive strata testimony against David Miscavige.

The next phases of Collapse of CoS are already underway and have shifted the collapse from the Dictator to the Legal Level and will occur in courtrooms.

This is Karma. This is people speaking out and taking action. Scientology sewed the wind and is reaping the whirlwind.